Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Papers Under Review:

  • Steven Webster, Elizabeth C. Connors, and Betsy Sinclair. “The Social Consequences of Political Anger.” Under review.
  • Elizabeth C. Connors, Yanna Krupnikov, and Christopher B. Mann. “Too Much Information? Undermining Mobilization Efforts with Information Burden about the Voting Process.” Under review.
  • Chandler Case, Christopher Eddy, Rahul Hemrajani, Christopher Howell, Daniel Lyons, Yu-Hsien Sung, and Elizabeth C. Connors. “The Effects of Source Cues and Issue Frames During COVID-19.” Funded by University of South Carolina (Internal Grant). Under review.
  • Elizabeth C. Connors. “Social Context Shapes Affective Polarization.” Partly funded by TESS. Under review.
  • Elizabeth C. Connors, Jacob A. Martin, and John Barry Ryan. “Revisiting the Link between Expected Election Outcomes and Turnout.” Under review.

Select Working Papers:

  • Elizabeth C. Connors, Matthew T. Pietryka and John Barry Ryan. “The Negative Consequences of Political Experts' Social Capital.” Draft completed.
  • Elizabeth C. Connors. “Party Foul: How the Rhetorical Use of Political Values is Constrained by Party Ownership.” Draft completed.
  • Elizabeth C. Connors, Robert Bird, Yanna Krupnikov, and Samara Klar. “How Low Candidate Approval Affects Partisanship.” Draft completed.
  • Stanley Feldman, Leonie Huddy, and Elizabeth C. Connors. “The Conditional Nature of Empathy: Support for Children at the Border." Draft completed.
  • Elizabeth C. Connors. “The Strength of People in Politics: Political Attitudes Are Driven by Interpersonal Relationships." Draft in progress.

Other published Work: