Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Papers Under Review:

Select Working Papers:

  • “The Femin[ist] Mystique: How Group Perceptions Shape Affect and Identity,” with Katelyn Stauffer.
  • “Identifying and Solving Bias in Measures of Civic Engagement,” with John V. Kane.
  • “Just How Far Does Political ‘Unfriending’ Go? The Limited Effects of Political Disagreement on Social Networks,” with Yanna Krupnikov, Samara Klar, and John Barry Ryan.
  • “You’re Making Us Look Bad: Party Embarrassment, Polarization, and Partisanship in American Politics,” with Taylor Carlson and Steven W. Webster.
  • “What’s Wrong with Being Confident? A Lot: How Confidence Shapes Political Interactions,” with Christopher Howell*.
  • “Trusted Sources: Why Social Influence Trumps Media Influence.”
  • “How Low Candidate Approval Affects Partisanship,” with Robert Bird, Samara Klar, and Yanna Krupnikov.
  • “Immigration Support: Does Immigrant Skill-Level Override the Effects of Racial and Ethnic Prejudice,” with Leonie Huddy, Stanley Feldman, and Romeo Gray*.

Other Select Work: