Peer-Reviewed Articles:

  • Elizabeth C. Connors. 2019. "The Social Dimension of Political Values."Political Behavior.

  • Elizabeth C. Connors, Yanna Krupnikov, and John Barry Ryan. forthingcoming. “Does Transparency Bias Survey Research?” Public Opinion Quarterly.
  • Yanna Krupnikov, Kerri Milita, John Barry Ryan, and Elizabeth C. Connors. forthcoming. “How Gender Affects the Efficacy of Discussion as an Information Shortcut” Political Science Research and Methods.

Papers Under Review:

  • Elizabeth C. Connors, Yanna Krupnikov, and Christopher B. Mann. “Calls to Action: Why Detailed Information May Backfire as a Mobilization Strategy.” draft submitted.

Select Working Papers:

  • Yanna Krupnikov, Elizabeth C. Connors, Robert Bird, and Samara Klar. “How Low Candidate Approval Affects Partisanship.” draft in preparation.
  • Elizabeth C. Connors, Yanna Krupnikov, Samara Klar, and Robert Bird. “Political Independents: Sincere or Saving Face?” draft in preparation.
  • Stanley Feldman, Leonie Huddy, and Elizabeth C. Connors. “The Conditional Nature of Empathy: Support for Children at the Border." draft in preparation.
  • Elizabeth C. Connors and Peter DeScioli. “Do Indirect Policies Successfully Persuade Public Opinion?” draft in preparation.

Other published Work: